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Sebastian & Fritz

Since 2006, Cece has represented us in the sales and purchases of four homes and out multi-unit investment property.   She also represented us in a couple of residential leases.  Although she did not represent us in the purchase of our Palm Springs vacation home, she was a part of that transaction by referring us to a great agent in the Desert.  I like to believe we are not difficult clients, however we have been spoiled by Cece’s never ending ability to “immediately” respond via email, text or phone call to our questions, concerns, challenges and anything that’s on our minds at any given moment. We are so grateful to Cece for all she’s done for us over that past 10 years to make every transaction as easy and uncomplicated as possible.  She’s helped us create and build a wonderful life and security for our futures.  Although we’ve purchased numerous properties, we’ve also made countless offers on various properties that we were unable to secure in very competitive markets.   She never complained. Never got angry. Never got frustrated with our offers no matter how good or bad the offers were. Cece is a true professional who is truly passionate about her work. We love her and now consider her family.
Sebastian Russell – Paralegal
Fritz Williams – Owner Form Decor