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Sebastian & Fritz

Since 2006, Cece has represented us in the sales and purchases of four homes and out multi-unit investment property.   She also represented us in a couple of residential leases.  Although she did not represent us in the purchase of our Palm Springs vacation home, she was a part of that transaction by referring us to a great agent in the Desert.  I like to believe we are not difficult clients, however we have been spoiled by Cece’s never ending ability to “immediately” respond via email, text or phone call to our questions, concerns, challenges and anything that’s on our minds at any given moment. We are so grateful to Cece for all she's done for us over that past 10 years to make every transaction as easy and uncomplicated as possible.  She's helped us create and build a wonderful life and security for our futures.  Although we’ve purchased numerous properties, we’ve also made countless offers on various properties that we were unable to secure in very competitive markets.   She never complained. Never got angry. Never got frustrated with our offers no matter how good or bad the offers were. Cece is a true professional who is truly passionate about her work. We love her and now consider her family.
Sebastian Russell - Paralegal
Fritz Williams - Owner Form Decor

Tom Carson

As a first time buyer in the Real Estate market in 2006. I was fortunate enough to have Cece Healy as my Real Estate agent, who was previously my boss in the Entertainment business. I worked for Cece for several years and experienced her organizational skills, passion, and great attitude with people. I bought a condo in West Hollywood with the advice of Cece informing me that it's all about "Location" "Location". 10 years later in 2016 I still own my condo and because of Cece's insight on location, I'm still extremely happy in my neighborhood.


After deciding to live in Pacific Palisades, I telephoned several listing agents and when I spoke with CeCe, I knew right away, I wanted to work with her. I felt so comfortable, and assured that I'd get the results we needed with CeCe. With what I would call short notice, she made a number of appointments to view homes for the weekend and I was able to find a place to lease. My family and I are relocating from overseas and CeCe made what can be a very stressful part of the move, a very smooth and stress-free experience. We are continuing to work with CeCe with our next step of buying a house. We enjoy working with her and are confident we will continue to receive professional advice and genuine personal attention that is so appreciated while searching for our next home in California! I highly recommend Cece as an agent! She has lived and is familiar with various parts of Los Angeles which really helps if you are considering other areas, also. I feel very fortunate to have found her! Thank you, CeCe!

Dana Hobart

You can be absolutely certain that every Los Angeles and environs referral I make will be directly to you. Your thoroughness and attention to detail are essential to the success of complex RE sales. Your competence is always appreciated by clients.
G. Dana Hobart
City of Rancho Mirage


I have no doubt that this would not have happened without your work and knowledge. I'm very grateful to you, and so thrilled to have such a wonderful home!